CG Arts Teams

During the Worship Services you will often see the preformances of the Worship Arts/Praise Teams.

These praise teams pray to hear what the voice of God is speaking for each service. They often preform special dances, dramas, and more during Sunday services, Friday Night Outpourings, and other special events and conferences at LHKM and around the state of Missouri, as well as traveling internationally. The members of this team preform in prophetic praise dances both as teams and as individuals. Their movements and dances are meant to speak to the hearts of all those in attendance.

*Young Loins of Judah: Dance and Praise Team, Children, ages 3-10

*Chosen Generation Arts: Dance and Praise Team, Teenagers and Young Adults, ages 11 and up

*Service Praise Teams: consist of all of the above


*Any member desiring to join the arts teams please see Prophetess Diane Chamberlain.