Bishop and Evelyn Hamon

(**Please note that LHKM is a Christian International affliated church, but is NOT Bishop Hamon's home church. He can not be reached through email contacts/prayer request box on the home page of this site. Please see below for the Christian International website and contact information)

Dr. Bill Hamon (w/ wife Evelyn Hamon)

Apostles Enos and Diane Chamberlain were ordained in 2007 by Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International. They consider him their spiritual father.

Dr.'s Bill & Evelyn have been married and co-labored in the ministry for 48 of the 50 years of his ministry. They have three married children, which are all ordained ministers with CINC.

Their grown children are three of the 20 couples who serve as Bishop Hamon's Board of Governors.

Bishop & Evelyn Hamon have 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Their grandchildren are dedicated Christians and all of the older ones prophesy. They are as great a testimony of Bishop Hamon's ministry as the worldwide ministries he has established.

The Bishop and Evelyn Hamon celebrated their Jubiliee Anniversary in October, 2004. They have labored faithfully in ministry for five decades in order to fulfill the purpose and plan of God. Experience the early days as we relive the days of childhood, their marriage, and family.

Witness God use them to establish the Prophetic Movement and touch the nations of the world. "To our co-laborers in ministry, partners, family and friends. Your love, support and co-laboring with Mom and I has enabled us to celebrate our 50th year of ministry."


Bishop and Evelyn Hamon ordained Pastors Enos and Diane Chamberlain in late 2007.


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