Enos and Diane Chamberlain

Enos and Diane Chamberlain are the founders and Apostolic Pastors of Latter House Kingdom Ministries (LHKM) in Columbia, MO. 

Enos and Diane celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary along with their 24 years in ministry together in 2014. They have one son, Cameron, who is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia and currently serves with them in ministry.

The Chamberlains are ordained with Christian International, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon in Santa Rosa Beach, FL(pictured above). Dr. Bill has been in ministry for over 60 years (see Dr. Bill Hamon's Bio on the About Us page for more information). Enos and Diane serve on the Board of Governers for Dr. Bill Hamon and they are also Heartland Regional leaders under Apostle Leon Walters in Versailles, IN (see Leon Walters' Bio on the About Us page for more information). 
Enos and Diane have given their lives investing in people and building the Kingdom. They have a heart and vision to equip believers to fulfill their divine destiny and see families serve the Lord together (Jer 29:11). 
Enos has a heart for reformation and city transformation and moves in revelation and wisdom as he ministers. God has used him to impart and activate the body of Christ in present truth through demonstration. Enos is one who truly has the Jeremiah 1:10 mandate ("See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build and plant.")
Diane is an annointed and dynamic teacher who brings a very practical message of truth and substance from God's word to help to enhance all aspects of a person's life. She possesses keen spiritual discernment and speaks with a strong prophetic voice that imparts insight and direction to those she ministers to. With a mother's heart, she freely shares her gifts and talents to help people to develop and grow spiritually in the Lord. Diane also has a television show on CTN-KNLJ that airs locally and nationally called The Time is Now.