Looking Ahead- LHKM Annual Events

(Dates are subject to change. See Event Calendar for actual times and location)

Sunday's: 9:00am Corporate Intercession, all are welcome

Wednesday's: 6:00pm Corporate Intercession, all are welcome    

July 1: 5:00pm Youth Group Meeting

July 7: 7:00pm Friday Night Outpouring: Dr. Patti Amsden

July 15: 6:00-10:00pm Parents Night Out Fundraiser

July 27-29: Youth Camp 

July 29: 10:00am-2:00pm Back to School Fair 

August 25: 7:00pm Friday Night Outpouring: Apostle Leon Walters

August 27: 10:00am Sunday Service, Guest Speaker, Apostle Leon Walters 

September 15: 7:00pm Friday Night Outpouring

October 13: 7:00pm Friday Night Outpouring 

November 17: 7:00pm Friday Night Outpouring