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 New Releases:

*The Power of Hope, by Dutch Sheets


Let God renew your mind, hear your heart and restore your dreams. 


Top Recomendations:

*The Day of the Saints, by Dr. Bill Hamon


The Day of the Saints unveils the ministries that will be manifested in this coming 21st Century Saints Movement.

*The Eternal Church, by Dr. Bill Hamon


The Eternal Church is a prophetic look at the Church, her history, restoration, and destiny.

*Prophetic Scriptures Yet to be Fulfulled, by Dr. Bill Hamon


Reveals the times and purposes of God for His Church and planet Earth. 

*Prophets and Personal Prophecy, by Dr. Bill Hamon


Prophets and Personal Prophecy is a guideline for receiving, understanding, and fulfilling God's peronal word to you.  

*Interpreting The Times, by Chuck D. Pierce


Interperting The Times helps you to learn a new system of understanding time the way that God see's it, and helps you to understand spiritual warfare in a new way, while also helping you to identify where you are out of step with God's timing and how to get back in step.

*Redeeming The Times, by Chuck D. Pierce


Redeeming The Times presents a clear biblical understanding of how God's views time, demonstrating how you can ensure you are living your life in the center of God's plan for you.

*Taking on Goliath, by Barbara J. Yoder 


Taking on Goliath brings a fresh new look at overcoming the impossible.  


Great find for Youth:

*Who Am I and Why Am I Here?,by Dr. Bill Hamon


Who Am I and Why Am I Here helps you discover truths about the purpose for mankinds exsistance on Earth.


Women's Literature:

*Lies Women Believe,by Nancy Leigh DeMoss


Lies Women Believe is said to be the most timely and crucial contribution to all women.